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Archaeology has always been a part of my life and reading Roman inscriptions and Egyptian Hieroglyphics gave me a taste for understanding ancient languages, more importantly what the texts can tell us about life at that period in time, now this was a challenge that I could not refuse.

In 2004 I came across an article in Current World Archaeology about Nubia which mentioned a stela to the goddess Amesemi and Queen Amanishakheto. On the front was Meroitic Hieroglyphics and on the reverse cursive script.

The Meroitic language has been a part of my life now for many years. Trawling through all the thousands of papers and reports became so confusing it became necessary to put them all onto a database system. Initially designed in Microsoft Access over many years with thousands of entries it has taken me over two years alone to convert it all to MySQL so it is now available on the internet.

I hope that this database system will give you a better resource for research of the Meroitic language.

It goes without saying that there are some who have been a great inspiration to me with their advice and assistance and I have to thank Dr Julia Anderson (British Museum), Dr. Claude Rilly (LLACAN_CNRS) and Dr David Edwards (University of Leicester).

Anthony Colesbourne BA (Hons), Dip Arch